La nostra missione e il nostro team

Mission & Team

Organic since the beginning >>

We have always characterized our company activities on environmental protection and for this reason the choice of the organic has been a staple since the beginning. We decided to make this space free from any conditioning that could exploit simply to produce more. Making sure that the earth was healthy, pure and free from chemical has always been our pillar, a road to follow. The choice of organic comes outset, in fact we chose to collect rainwater in cisterns to irrigate the fields. But also solar panels and a wine cellar built entirely with environmentally friendly materials strongly characterize our energy choices for the environment. Keyword for us has always been hospitality, a concept that is realized with respect for all living beings who have chosen this place as a place of their life, they have chosen, as we did, CapalBIOfattoria..

La nostra missione

A place of hospitality, respect and sharing >>

We have always tried to help our animals, for example by saving them from difficult situations. The hospitality of all living beings who live together with us around the farm it is very important. In the first years of activities in the surroundings of the farm there were no birds, both because of the aridity of the land and the pesticides used previously by other owners. After planting the vineyard and with the arrival of the first cows, the valley is populated again by birds including hawks, raptors, herons, passerines, but not only, here find shelter especially wild boars and porcupines that feed our grapes. We decided not to fence the vineyard for an ethical choice, in fact we believe that the fruits of the earth are the heritage of all and sharing them with others came from a thought that expresses our vision of business: no one can be master of the earth, because it is in fact of all. We believe that the mission of a farmer is to conduct protect, love and respect the earth. This is why we produce wine, oil, jam and all other products exclusively organically. Our pricing policy reflects our love for sharing, which is why we sell our products at prices lower than market standards.

La nostra missione

Our happy aniamls >>

The large family of CapalBIOfattoria also consists of our happy animals who share this magical place in the countryside of the Maremma, fully entering the production cycle in the natural and organic company. Not only Chianina and Maremma cows, Amiantini and Morelli donkeys, horses Maremmani, in the farm also live our extraordinary dogs and cats, everyone in harmony with each other.

In 2003, the first Pastore Maremmano Arno arrived home, reached a little later by Luna, two wonderful dogs who have found here their perfect environment, their family. Over all 136 hectares then dwell many wild boars, porcupines and deer, as well as foxes and many resident and migratory birds.

Il nostro team

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