Our history

CapalBIOfattoria farm became a reality back in 2001, after searching for a long time a place to invest the family savings in a small farm, Monica and Esterino decided that this area near Capalbio would be perfect to become their home.
At first the ground was a real rocky ground and it was necessary to till the fields and dig ditches to prevent the land to be flooded with water. The first was a set of agricultural equipment purchased, used actually for road work, but the only suitable to dig the ground with a bucket. The collection of stones began and became a wonderful friendly moment that brought together friends and family.

Scopri la storia della nostra azienda!

Later came the idea of the vineyard and the first 6 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese above all, the main grape of Tuscany, were planted.
It was a great job; before it was necessary battered the land with the plow and then the rooted chosen with the help of the oenologist were planted.
After the first plant of the vineyard, was the time of the olive consists of plants of several varieties: Leccina, Canina and Moraiola. Above 4 hectares of olive a small orchard was planted, used for the production of organic jams.
The place where stands CapalBIOfattoria has a long and historic tradition of cowboys and cows bred into the wild. For the company it was extraordinarily important to the day when the first pure Maremmane Cows arrived followed by a second herd of Chianine Cows.
Monica then he came across a battered donkey Pippo, who managed to save taking it on the farm and making him become the progenitor of Amiatan Donkeys who are now living in company with five Morelli Donkeys.

Scopri la storia della nostra azienda!

An old hunting lodge mainly consisting of rods, after being renovated, became the accommodation in which Monica and Esterino decided to move on February 15, 2003. At that time the first Dog Maremmano also arrived, Arno, then reached by Luna, great dogs, intelligent in their natural environment.
In 2004 then passes the baton to the second generation consists of Fabio and Luca who now run CapalBIOfattoria, the first taking care of operations and business managment of the farm, the second dealing with marketing and sales.
Over the years in the farm integration 360 degrees is born and a perfect balance between the place and the creatures that inhabit it, which has helped to give birth to an ecosystem not only natural, but emotional and affective too..

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