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Scarlino, a medieval hill town facing the sea on the Tuscan coast in the province of Grosseto, is the land of my birth; I must admit that my best qualities are linked to my homeland, to the blood inherited and to the roots, factors that do not lie and, as they say to me, transpire from the eyes that are kept honest, sweet and committed at the same time.

My passion for the wine turned out with a precocity. If at seven years I stole few sips from the glasses of the adults, at age 19 , after graduating from high school with a technical specialization in Industrial Chemistry, I fully understood my path that led me first to the diploma of Agricultural Expert with a specialization in viticulture and oenology (1986, the year of methanol) and the title of winemaker, and finally the BA in Biological Sciences in Pisa.

A long process of study underpinned by significant milestones, such as the opening of two laboratories of chemical and microbiological analysis authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests to issue the certificates of wine intended abroad and the Ministry of Health for food self checking (Centro Analisi CAIM S.r.l. in Follonica, Analisi Kemia S.r.l. in Grosseto) and courses, countless, training and upgrading, including those prestigious in Bordeaux.

To son and husband I dedicate all my little free time.

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