Il nostro territorio

Capalbio & Surroundings

Our organic farm stretches in the beautiful Maremma Toscana a few steps from Capalbio, the town of about 4000 inhabitants 45 km far from Grosseto. The area of the small village in southern Tuscany stretches from the Tyrrhenian coast to the inland hilly and is characterized by a Mediterranean climate. Immersed in the countryside, Capalbio is nicknamed the “Little Athens” for the art-historical importance that occurred during the Renaissance. The medieval village is characterized by a charming and picturesque old town surrounded by fifteenth century walls within which still retain the crests and plates Medici era of the seventeenth century.

Tourist destination among the most famous of Tuscany, offers an extraordinary variety of riches from the point of view of nature, preserved to the point that the town was awarded the top spot in the Guida Blu di Legambiente -Touring Club Italiano 2007 for the protection and careful management of the beaches, the landscape and the surrounding environment. The coastline of Capalbio, perfectly preserved, stretches for about 12 kilometers to the north it borders with the town of Orbetello. The sea is crystal clear and accessible along the six kilometers of beaches bordered by a charming landscape of mediterranean maquis. From the gastronomic point of view the village of Capalbio is known for its viticulture and for the quality of its red and white wines, but also to an important culinary tradition starring meat, fish and typical products of southern Maremma. Among the traditional dishes of Maremma stand soups with fish and vegetables such as cuttlefish and chard or cabbage and pumpkin.

Il nostro territorio
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